re: the federal debate

So last night marked both the American Vice Presidential debate between Palin and Biden and the Canadian Federal debate between Harper, May, Layton, Dion, and Duceppe. I chose to leave the American debate for now, seeing as how I'm Canadian...

I just have a couple of things to say about the candidates right now, but once I review their arguments for an article I'm writing, I will go further in depth.

Firstly, I would like to say I was pleasantly surprised with Jack Layton. Although I find it hard to take him seriously sometimes, he seemed to be able to match Stephen Harper's ease and (unfortunate) grace, while the French men (Stephane Dion and Gilles Duceppe) were left struggling and desperate. I particularly enjoyed Layton's comment regarding Harper's policies which he kept referring to but did not elaborate on. Layton inquired, "Where are these policies? Under your sweater?" Which, of course, was exasperatingly humorous, due to Harper's infamous sweater he began wearing once campaign season started to "cozy up" and soften his image.

Secondly, I was very impressed with Elizabeth May. It was her first chance to participate in the Federal debate, and she was level headed and assertive, and spoke well on her policies. I hope the Green Party gets at least one seat in the House of Commons because more people will take her seriously now.

Finally, I wish Stephen Harper was leading a party whose policies I could get behind. In the debate, although being constantly attacked, he remained calm and smug, and fully confident and eloquent about his beliefs. Although he may not be warm and cuddly, he represented as an eerily effective leader, and I just wish he was fronting something I approved of. Stephane Dion just looked pathetic, unfortunately, grasping at straws and screaming at Harper's nonchalant exterior.

Again, more updates later.

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