Today was amazing. With the temperature cooler, a pair of cozy new tights on my legs, and a light courseload in physics to look forward to for the month of October, it was shaping up to be amazing from the get go. Kylie and I ended up going to Value Village, and we had a great time trying on masks and slutty costumes - I found the perfect one for Rocky Horror, and it only needs minor adjustments. Then we came back to my place and hung out, and when she left I watched the federal elections for a while. I could tell the Conservatives were going to win with a minority, but I didn't want to see it happen because it was too excruciating, so I came upstairs and watched the episode of SNL hosted by Shia LaBeouf, which was hilarious. I can't help it, I am finding him irresistable. His mom lives in a stone house built by one of the little people who were in the Wizard of Oz, his dad was a clown, his accent. When he came home when he was young, he would ask his dad for help with homework, and he would have to tell him to wait a second because he was working on a trick with a chicken. Hilarious, spectacular. Tomorrow, we buy the tickets. Goodnight!

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