I love this scene from The Big Sleep.


the big sleep

I'm writing a paper analyzing The Big Sleep, and just loving it because some of the quips are unbelievably witty.


i am furious yellow

How stunning is this holiday dress?

[Found on My love, it is the size of an Oliphaunt]
I'm watching Love Actually again. It makes me simultaneously happy, festive, and lonely. I have an addiction.


trilogy of error

I'm having some trouble finding the perfect shade of red for Christmas. Each one is either a berry shade, or a bright red, or brown, but I just want a true, deep red with a velvety, matte finish, like in my new favourite photo:

I also enjoy the look of some of these...

My usual Shoppers Drug Mart brands (Covergirl, Revlon, etc.) just don't have an intense enough pigment, though, or the proper shade. I'm definitely wanting to splurge on this as a treat for myself, so I'll end up getting something along the lines of Estee Lauder or Mac. My dream would be to get Chanel!

No matter what, I think I'm going to get one of these gorgeous Nars lipliners to go with it, though...

I got some other much needed makeup, though. Such as this Gosh eyeshadow quad in Platinum. The silvers and white are so stunning and sheer, and I can't wait to use them for my Christmas look.

I also got this gorgeous deep red nail polish, which makes me feel especially festive!


the one with phoebe's dad

I love this idea for ornaments from Martha Stewart...


200th post!

the hard part


This 'Winter' candle by Bath and Body Works smells like Christmas. It smells like cinnamon and clementines with cloves and pine trees and snow and magical happiness. It is truly the most extraordinary smell in the world.

PS: The last episode of Grey's Anatomy made me cry a lot.

days of wine and d'oh'ses

Today, I'm window shopping at Old Navy.