love actually

So, in the holiday spirit of things, I'm working on my holiday outfit! I've bought a little black dress with ruching at the chest and cap sleeves, and I'm going to wear it with black tights. I would like to not have to wear a sweater, but I will have to work on my arms, so we'll see - I may have to buy a black cardigan at the last moment.

With it, I want to wear metallic accessories (I'm treating myself to a new pair of shoes!) in silver, I think (kind of snow-inspired... Yes, I think about these things), which would go better with the makeup as well. I wish that I could get any of these stunning J. Crew shoes:

My makeup, I would ultimately like to look exactly like this:

Pretty and silvery, with dark red lips! And my dark red nails.

I have a photo of the hair, but I can't find it online at the moment. Big waves/curls! Big. Very big.


Olivia Carter said...

The top silver pumps are my fav. LOVELY!

Anna said...

Those ones are my favourite, too. Sigh.