I love Alison Jackson's work! It's charming and funny, but also a very interesting look at the concept of media, voyeurism and "celebrity."

And check out this video by her on the subject of her photographs from TED...


Completely fantastic news, ladies and gentlemen! In addition to my work at College Fashion, I will now be writing for Fashion Under 100 as well. I can't wait! I always love the outfits and pieces they put together.

Check it out!


Like the rest of the world, I officially have an obsession with Christina Hendricks. Fantastic.


A little taste of how I've been feeling lately (/forever):

From College Fashion - Inspired by Monet.


From the front of the fifth page of the Gap Adventures catalog:

"On a tour of my homeland in the jungle, I was sitting with one of my passengers observing nature, when she said something that changed my life forever. 'Some people just exist rather than live.' My work with Gap Adventures reminds me that I live each and every day." -Angel, tour leader.

I want this tattoo so badly, if only I could get up the nerve.


I cannot get enough of these Amazon Kindle commercials, they are too cute. And the song is also adorable.


Why she is one of my favourite actresses out there, right now.

Sandra Bullock's Razzie acceptance speech:

And her Oscars acceptance speech:

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Zoe Kravitz looks spectacular! So fresh and not dirty or scroungy. And what a refreshing burgundy velvet bodice - simple and lovely!


Congratulations, Jeff Bridges! Finally!
Also, thanks to Just Jared for all of the photos! They are the fastest and best I've found of all the sources out there.
I absolutely adored the speech for best costume design. I will post it later.

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This is what Meryl Streep should have worn. Helen Mirren looks absolutely stunning. I adore the delicate beading of the sleeves, and I am in love with that silver colour, it's one of my new obsessions.

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Once again, I am being surprised by all sorts of people. Demi Moore looks great in this peach dress. It is so soft, feminine and pretty, and it makes her look fresh and youthful.

Nude tones and ultra-femininity are definite trends right now, and the Oscars are showing that more than ever. Check out my article on nude tones here. I think they are so spectacular!

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By far one of the best dressed of the night, in my books, is Rachel McAdams. I absolutely love the watercolour print of her dress, and the soft, flowing draping of the gown is so soft, flattering, and stunning. She looks magnificent.

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Usually I think Diane Krueger can pull of anything... But not this.

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I'm certainly not surprised the Monique won, and she deserved it. I loved her overly emotional speech and the camera flashing to various shots of famous black people.

Also, I absolutely loved An Education, although I don't think it will win. I would like it to, though! Unfortunately, my bets are on Precious. I won't go into my grudge right now though, as I said before.

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So cute! I'm glad she said, "Screw you" to Anna Wintour and wore this dress. It suits her wonderfully!

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As I always feel with Meryl Streep, I feel an overwhelming feeling of "meh." I feel like she could be age appropriate without being dumpy or frumpy, and unfortunately she always wears some version of this ensemble.

As ever, Sarah Jessica Parker is daring and courageous in her outfit choice. However, I'm not a huge fan. The colour is nice, though, and it could have been worse. Very Barbara Streisand.

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red carpet blogging

Like Miley Cyrus, I am completely surprised that I am saying this, but Cameron Diaz looks damn good. Her face doesn't look orange or scary, and the dress is absolutely beautiful and fits her so well. Well done!

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I have a lot of feelings about Gabourey Sidibe and Precious as a whole, but I will not express them now. However, this dress looks gorgeous on her, and I think it was an excellent choice.

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Robert Downey Jr. is my idol. And this is why. Sneakers and a bright blue bow tie? Yes, please.

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Um... Wow. I completely disapprove. I'm vaguely appalled. I cannot believe this came from the same collection as Amanda Seyfried's. Shudder.

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Penelope Cruz looks great in this colour, but the dress itself looks baggy, like it's falling off, and wrinkled. Did she forget to get a dress, so she's wearing her satin bedsheets?

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I give Kristen Stewart this one, she looks good! Good for her. I actually felt bad for her watching her pose on the red carpet - she looked scared and uncomfortable. However, this dress is very nice, although not exciting. The draping looks almost like water, which is lovely. And her makeup is good too! I don't know what's going on with her hair, but at this point I'm so proud of her I don't even care.

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Um. This is very unfortunate. The colour is nice. Everything else is not. I am not a fan of the fabric or the cupcakes on her tits.

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So, I love the idea of this dress. The volume on the bottom of the dress is a great idea, and I love the transitioning from the pale pink through the lilac to navy and then black. However, it desperately needs to be a different material. Something that does not appear to be made from multicoloured stuffed animals.

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So fierce! Amanda Seyfried looks absolutely incredible. Well done! I am so glad that Hollywood is going back to being so fashion forward and understanding the importance of fashion.