escape from new york

Here are some very blurry photos of my final prom ensemble.

This is the whole blurry outfit. You can't tell here, but the skirt of the dress has a bubble hem.

Lace on the shoulders and bodice, and a bow at the waist.

Bangles for the left hand.

Bangles and ring for the right.

The earrings.

The shoes - on sale!

And my rose chiffon headband... $4!

And I got way too many sweet deals today. Don't ask how, but a free pair of shoes, five pieces of jewelery for $10 (including some of my prom bangles!), and hair dye at a discount she wasn't supposed to give me!

These earrings are definitely the best thing I bought, but...

I love this bangle, it can also be an arm cuff.

It's a locket that opens!

This bangle is a really pretty blue colour.

And the shoes which came with the BOGO sale! Ridiculous!


the big time

I'm taking an evening "off" (I'm never really off... As we speak I'm cleaning my room and doing homework), watching Sex and the City, and dream shopping. Here are some of my new items... It's so easy to spend hundreds of virtual dollars.

PS: This clutch is my new obsession.



Every night, I prepare to go to bed early and then lay awake staring at the backs of my eyelids, my heart pumping from the excitement of adventures I dream of taking. Then the next day I am more tired and more determined than before, and, consequently, more excited that evening.