belly full of turkey

Someone I know from high school just got their secret posted on the Post Secret Sunday Secrets. They all went to Honduras together last year, and each of them said it was the most important time of their lives. I feel sad about their sentiment, but fully understand. It's so easy to let that sort of feeling get away from you.

I wonder who it was!


dead man on campus

I just dyed my hair the colour I've been wanting to for months. I didn't expect it to work out 100% the first time, because my hair was so bright red before, but I'm excited about getting a nice, natural, really soft and pretty red colour. I used nice'n easy by Clairol, which I've never used before, and although my hair is still wet, I'm liking how it looks. Here's the box:

And this is something like what I'd love to be the final product:

Stunning! I'll show photos of the new colour on me when I have some.

kingdom of the animals

Victoria Beckham's latest advertisement for her line at Bergdorf Goodman is whimsical and fantastic. I wholeheartedly approve!

the ten

I have new hopes and dreams for this blog! More updates, my travel experiences and any location tips I may have, discussions on the movies I watch and the books I read, interesting tidbits from the classes I take and anything else that strikes my fancy, or that I hope may strike yours! Enjoy.

PS: I'm trying to work on a image makeover as well. I'm looking for a layout that is more attractive than the one I have, but none of the supplied ones suit me entirely, and I'm not very good at html. As well, I'm trying to work on a header that more suits me and my blog. Perhaps a bit more quirky and zany... The photo of Jasmine and I in Killarney is gorgeous, but very zen. Despite my best wishes, I am fully un-zen. I have come to terms with this.

PPS: I've never mentioned it before, but the titles of my posts are whatever I'm watching or reading at the time. It may be the name of a book, magazine, movie, or an episode of a television series. Therefore, the titles may be repeated from time to time, but not too often.


Cosmopolitan has done the most amazing photo shoot of work wear. The look they're going for is a sort of authoritative Oxford-chic, but very delicate, intricate and pretty. Very chic. It's the sort of style I would love to have, but I know that a lot of simple pieces or turtle necks don't suit my figure very well.

I'm actually on a mission to get healthy and finally lose the extra weight I've been carrying around, and my love of clothes is a big inspiration for me. I'd love to be able to wear whatever clothing I want instead of having to choose it specifically to fit my figure. (We're talking healthy... Not model-skinny. I'm very realistic about my expectations.)

Anyways, out of all of the magazines from this month, this photo shoot was my favourite... And I read some great ones, which I will post about later. (Namely, InStyle, which always does an amazing job, and Glamour, which has been doing great in the past few months.)

Oh, and did I mention it guest stars Justin Long? Spectacular.

PS: I love that the model is a redhead, and her shade is pretty much what I'm slowly attempting to get my hair like.

forgetting sarah marshall

Old Navy has some cute stuff up online right now. Their cutest stuff is in the store, however. My friend Jennie just brought back a gorgeous yellow sweater with a pale yellow bow on the shoulder.


inaudible melodies

"Well Plato's cave is full of freaks demanding refunds for what they've seen."

-Jack Johnson's "Inaudible Melodies"


the september issue

Some gorgeous looks from the August and September J. Crew catalogs.