the ten

I have new hopes and dreams for this blog! More updates, my travel experiences and any location tips I may have, discussions on the movies I watch and the books I read, interesting tidbits from the classes I take and anything else that strikes my fancy, or that I hope may strike yours! Enjoy.

PS: I'm trying to work on a image makeover as well. I'm looking for a layout that is more attractive than the one I have, but none of the supplied ones suit me entirely, and I'm not very good at html. As well, I'm trying to work on a header that more suits me and my blog. Perhaps a bit more quirky and zany... The photo of Jasmine and I in Killarney is gorgeous, but very zen. Despite my best wishes, I am fully un-zen. I have come to terms with this.

PPS: I've never mentioned it before, but the titles of my posts are whatever I'm watching or reading at the time. It may be the name of a book, magazine, movie, or an episode of a television series. Therefore, the titles may be repeated from time to time, but not too often.

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