I think Taylor Swift is adorable!


you really got a hold on me

Smitten recently asked the question: What's your cell phone background picture?

I thought that was cute and really interesting. It's not something I had really ever thought of, but it does say something about the person, no matter how minute.

Mine is of a girl I was standing at a bus stop with. The sun was just coming up and it was raining, so she had her umbrella out, which was yellow. This just reminded me of the girl with the yellow umbrella from How I Met Your Mother, which is my favourite show, and it's simultaneously a little inside joke with myself and a reminder to keep looking and not become jaded. I'd say that says somethin'!


the one with the football

I've been thinking a lot about eating healthy again and going back to the gym after Thanksgiving, when I'm back. I've gained an inordinate amount of weight thanks to a magic card for the caf and their selection of delicious candies and chocolate.
I've also been thinking of who a good role model for weight loss would be. I was considering Scarlett Johansson because she's curvy but fit.

Then I realized I've never been a thin person, and as curvy as Scarlett is, she's very thin. Therefore, I decided a better role model for me would be Kelly Osbourne, who has, at her worst, been quite large, and who has recently gotten fit for Dancing with the Stars. As fit as she is, she still has a body which I believe is attainable for me (and she looks fantastic with it!) Plus, she's short like me, too.

the one where underdog gets away

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Every year around this time, I cozy up and do what I need to get done (this year collecting things to take back to my place with me) while I watch all of the Friends Thanksgiving episodes. They make me feel so warm and happy!

I'm also watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Oooh, do I ever love Charlie Brown for the holidays!


mr. magorium's wonder emporium

Here are some more forts from BOOOOOOM!... I can't wait!

These all remind me of the scene in the Curious Case of Benjamin Button when Benjamin and Daisy are talking underneath the sheeted dining room table, which I love!

It's very romantic, isn't it?

tainted obligation

When I get back to Toronto after Thanksgiving, I'm definitely turning my dorm room into a fort. There will be pretty lights and candles, and I might sleep there for a couple days. That will be such good times with friends! Hopefully, other people living there will follow suit... This could be incredible.
Sometimes it's fun enjoying things like that... Embracing my inner five year old.

go your own way

Via colourlovers.

i always feel like somebody's watchin' me

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october is eternal

This may be the most beautiful photo I've ever seen. An autumn sunrise:

Via M-Altruism.


the nightmare before christmas

As cliched as it may seem, I have always loved The Nightmare Before Christmas. I'm watching it right now to get in the Halloween spirit and remembering the year I dressed up as Sally - so much fun!

red right ankle

Sushi Friday!

about last night

Speaking of autumn, I just had a delicious treat with my dorm mate Sarah the other day after we bought Tamagotchis and scarves (best day ever, anybody?) Candy apples from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! It was so delicious, and our mouths ended up bright red like little children.

Painting by Abbey Ryan.

Then, a bunch of other friends from our house came down and we played Cranium and feasted on candy. My friend/neighbour Liam and I discovered the most deliciously surprising combination, like a sort of shot... Tangy Fruit Salad (a sour gummy candy) and Reese's Pieces (which looking delightfully autumn-y and are my new addiction). It takes 5 seconds for the chocolate taste to hit you, but it is spectacular.

Then Sarah, Liam,
Mark and I went back to Mark's room to watch DiG!, the documentary made about the Dandy Warhols and the Brian Jonestown Massacre, which was incredible.

Wednesday night a mass of us did shots and watched Up, the cutest movie of all time. My life is fairly spectacular right now, filled with best days ever. Everybody was crying, even Liam (and especially me!)

Carl and Ellie are the cutest couple ever - I love their dynamic! And I am going to make their grape juice pin if it's the last thing I do.

It makes my heart hurt a little!

don't do me like that

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, and I am back home with my family for the weekend! It's strange being out of the city, but I'm so excited to spend time with my parents and dog. I'm also very excited for turkey, stuffing, yams, mashed potatoes, asparagus with hollandaise sauce, pumpkin fudge, pumpkin pie, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin pumpkin... Well, you get the gist of it.
It's a jam packed weekend though - tonight is our weekly sushi night, tomorrow I go shopping for cold weather essentials with my mom and we go out for dinner and a movie at night, Sunday is our big Thanksgiving celebration, where I'll help her make all of that delicious food, and then back I go on Monday already.
To celebrate, though, here are some of my favourite autumn photos right now...

From Smitten.

By Nicole.

By Chiara.

By Jennifer.

By Melanie.

By Katrina.

By Steph.


all in the family

And I'm dying my hair, still trying to find the right red! I would love if it could turn out like this...

keep the car running

So it's time for my next haircut. I'm trying to grow my hair, and it's a slow but steady job, finding out how to make it look like it should, but these are what I would like it to look like in general...