about last night

Speaking of autumn, I just had a delicious treat with my dorm mate Sarah the other day after we bought Tamagotchis and scarves (best day ever, anybody?) Candy apples from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! It was so delicious, and our mouths ended up bright red like little children.

Painting by Abbey Ryan.

Then, a bunch of other friends from our house came down and we played Cranium and feasted on candy. My friend/neighbour Liam and I discovered the most deliciously surprising combination, like a sort of shot... Tangy Fruit Salad (a sour gummy candy) and Reese's Pieces (which looking delightfully autumn-y and are my new addiction). It takes 5 seconds for the chocolate taste to hit you, but it is spectacular.

Then Sarah, Liam,
Mark and I went back to Mark's room to watch DiG!, the documentary made about the Dandy Warhols and the Brian Jonestown Massacre, which was incredible.

Wednesday night a mass of us did shots and watched Up, the cutest movie of all time. My life is fairly spectacular right now, filled with best days ever. Everybody was crying, even Liam (and especially me!)

Carl and Ellie are the cutest couple ever - I love their dynamic! And I am going to make their grape juice pin if it's the last thing I do.

It makes my heart hurt a little!

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