disco stick

My friend Jasmine and I on our canoeing/camping trip last summer. We're now a double page spread in the Ontario Parks Guide!

keeping the faith

Is it strange that I've been enjoying Old Navy so much? I haven't been a fan of their stuff for years, but with a $20 gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket, I think I may just have to visit again...

I want one of these cardigans in every colour.

I also want one of these jackets in every colour.

I love this pretty colour and the ruffle of the sleeves, but I doubt I could pull it off.

I love this print, but my hair's bright red, so it might be a bit much.

This shirt I love. It's like your boyfriend's shirt that you wear to work the next day... Except it fits, and it has a ruffle. A ruffle! Awesome.

A bird for spring.

And I love this skirt! It would be fun to wear out, most of my skirts aren't as nice as this one.

because i said so

Post 100!


oh oh oh... it's magic

I'm in love with Anne Hathaway, and no one else I know is. I loved her at the Oscars, especially!


This line of bath and body products, Cake, is adorable. I have a new travel set ready to take with my to my ventures in Spain and France in March, but what I'm really wanting is this creme de la creme creamy body buffer. It literally smells exactly like white cake out of the package, and that is exactly how I would like to smell.


crystal skull

Thanks to Creature Comforts I found these amazing photos by Olivia Bee. I can't believe she's only fourteen, her photos are so beautiful and make me think of spring, and she is so talented.


my abc's

The six foot piles of snow are beginning to melt, and the winds are balmy (for now), so I am ready to head into spring full on! Of course, it's only February... But here are some things to get it started.


the nanny and the professor

Oh no! I can't believe the news about Chris Brown's arrest. I'm awaiting more detail with baited breath!

And, once again, I can't sleep, and am stuck watching entire seasons of Gilmore Girls (and with nothing new on Fred Flare!)

Victoria's Secret has some really cute Valentine's goodies. Maybe I should get myself a teddy.

ted koppel's big night out

From Lookbook today:



goodnight, gracie

Some more Urban Outfitters. I'm in love. Head over heels. I'm mad for plaid.