keeping the faith

Is it strange that I've been enjoying Old Navy so much? I haven't been a fan of their stuff for years, but with a $20 gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket, I think I may just have to visit again...

I want one of these cardigans in every colour.

I also want one of these jackets in every colour.

I love this pretty colour and the ruffle of the sleeves, but I doubt I could pull it off.

I love this print, but my hair's bright red, so it might be a bit much.

This shirt I love. It's like your boyfriend's shirt that you wear to work the next day... Except it fits, and it has a ruffle. A ruffle! Awesome.

A bird for spring.

And I love this skirt! It would be fun to wear out, most of my skirts aren't as nice as this one.

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Olivia Carter said...

I have liked Old Navy clothes this season too- I dig that ruffle cardigan. SO CUTE!