Thanks to Sophie at appreciate your mother, I am now addicted to polyvore, which should probably be looked at to be explained. She created some spectacular outfits around the Wizard of Oz in this post. My favourite is the cowardly lion:

In my 1 am travels, I also found this ensemble, which I fell in love with and must become. I covet all aspects of it to extremes that are probably unhealthy.

How spectacular is that skirt? And the Chanel pointy toed flats? And... every other aspect of that creation? I'm in love. Now, with dreams of that and Lipstick Jungle (to the tunes of bitter:sweet!) floating through my head, I'm finally going to go to sleep (and wake up in 5 hours) for the first day of my last semester of public school. Here's to spectacular classes and new beginnings! And floofy tulle and other pretty things...

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Olivia Carter said...

Oooo... I love that lion outfit!