I'm not a fan of brooding, too cool or bored for this photos, or sulking smoking photos, but I really enjoy this outfit - the Chanel-esque necklace, and the men's shirt tucked into leather pants.


This set is the closest I could get to what I'm wearing tonight. My earrings brush my shoulder, and consist of two gold lengths entwined with one another. Also, my cardigan is gold trimmed, and my dress is longer, as I am tending a family event. The shoes and the lipstick are the exact ones I'm wearing, but the shoes are much golder in person, as I understand they clash severely right now. My belt is silver and gold braided through one another.

Untitled by slypig_91 featuring Volcom
Happy Christmas Eve to you all! But it also a day of great sorry as I report that my dog ate my most favourite possession, my "butter bag" from Spain - a purse so lovely and soft, that it feels like butter. Or felt like butter.

Sigh. It's a good thing I love him so much. For his own good.

On the brighter side, I got two great pairs of earrings on Tuesday. I'll share pictures when I have them.


I just think this is the sweetest cardigan I have ever seen. So pretty!

Some of my best friends, and dorm mates at the annual Nog Fest holiday celebration! I'm the one with the bright red hair and my tongue sticking out obnoxiously.

The Sex and the City 2 trailer is out, and I am over the moon! I have watched the first movie 3 times in the last week, because I cannot get over how amazing the clothes are. And in the next they look even better. Prepare to salivate.


Along with a new, fancy bra, and some feather eyelashes, here are the top things on my latest wishlist...

1) A boyfriend blazer

2) This necklace from Anthropologie:

3) A furry, Russian-esque cap...

4) And a big, luxurious (faux) fur coat

5) Clustered pearl jewelry

6) A sequined cardigan. And sequins in general.

7) More black

8) Trapeze-ish style dresses

9) Imitation leather liquid leggings

10) Feathered everything

11) Body skimming and more interestingly draped skirts (tulip, pencil, etc... no more a-line)

12) Giant scarves

13) A classic trench

14) A leather jacket

15) Statement heels

16) Fitted, dark, straight leg jeans

17) A caplet

18) The bright red lipstick

19) Very, very large earrings