Along with a new, fancy bra, and some feather eyelashes, here are the top things on my latest wishlist...

1) A boyfriend blazer

2) This necklace from Anthropologie:

3) A furry, Russian-esque cap...

4) And a big, luxurious (faux) fur coat

5) Clustered pearl jewelry

6) A sequined cardigan. And sequins in general.

7) More black

8) Trapeze-ish style dresses

9) Imitation leather liquid leggings

10) Feathered everything

11) Body skimming and more interestingly draped skirts (tulip, pencil, etc... no more a-line)

12) Giant scarves

13) A classic trench

14) A leather jacket

15) Statement heels

16) Fitted, dark, straight leg jeans

17) A caplet

18) The bright red lipstick

19) Very, very large earrings

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