the age of dissonance

I turned eighteen today! I have mad jet lag, because I just got home from Spain yesterday, but I'm excited and I also found out that I got into Queen's! That's four for four as far as universities are concerned, so hopefully that's a good sign. More about everything later, when I'm not about to pass out. What an experience!



And off I am to Paris, Provence and Barcelona! I cannot wait. Photos will be up soon after, and I'll be back in ten days!


paris when it sizzles

So, I'm off to Paris tomorrow. I have, of course, the traditional illusions of grandeur. I am far too excited! I would love to be an Audrey Hepburn in Paris... and of course she couldn't be more opposite of me (who is loud, awkward and a tad goofy).

However, perhaps I could be like Audrey in Funny Face...

Or like Audrey in Paris When It Sizzles...

She is extraordinary.


when doves fly

Although I am dry, sarcastic and cynical, I am also a hopeless romantic. It gets a tad too fanciful sometimes, but I am overcome by it. I love the elevator scene in Romeo + Juliet right now. Here are some other beautiful love-related photographs.

romeo + juliet


turlington's dog

I have begun to reorganize my closet, and I am reading Eat, Pray, Love again to get myself in the mindset of travel and self discovery. I'm also reading A Year in the Merde, which is potentially the most hilarious fish out of water story about an Englishman in Paris that I have ever read.

To get myself in the mood, I am also rewatching my favourite movies which involve France - Amelie, Broken English, and Paris, Je T'Aime. Any other movie suggestions?

I'm also looking for cute French music... I'm listening to Yael Naim, certainly, but who are some other enjoyable artists?


confessions of a shopaholic

I leave for Paris in four days and it's time to look like a proper French girl! Lately I've been looking a bit like a slob, so I went through my files for the best French outfits, and found these. I don't know if I can ever look purposefully disheveled and nonchalant... I just look like a mess! I think I'll put together some outfits for myself for before I go, so I don't feel stuck. I think I need more fabulous coats!


love you 'till the end

Is it just me, or does spring feel like being in love? With everything, although I'm sure that's a cliche. I feel an all encompassing awe at the moment, and the beautiful sun is shining down on me. Earlier I danced by myself and Jasmine bought me bubble tea. I also got into another university, and am just generally feeling spectacular. I hope other people have the ability to feel this great.

Now, some things that make me feel like spring...

This photographer.
These items.
These photos.
This line.

I also love these French photos of flowers from A Cup of Jo. I'm going to France and Spain in 5 days!

And some songs that make me feel like spring:

I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
Love You 'Till the End by The Pogues
New Soul by Yael Naim
Anyone Else But You by The Moldy Peaches
Grace Kelly by Mika

Speaking of Grace Kelly, I just saw Rear Window and I loved it.


love is on its way

10 days until Paris, Provence, and Barcelona.

viagra blue

My friend Adam called me something mean over text messaging last night when he was drunk, which I thought was funny. But then he called back later and apologized profusely, while still drunk, and said that if I was mad at him on Monday I should through a banana at him, and if I was cool we would trade bananas and still be friends. My banana is waiting on the counter to be traded.

[Picture from Lolita]


I love this Valentine's Day dress from here.


I cannot believe that I have not mentioned Skins until now. Well, it is the cheekiest show, and I fully enjoy it. The first two seasons mirrored my life at that time, and I just love it. (Don't judge.) Anyways, Emily is the best character right now. I wish I could pull off asymmetrical bangs.