More than almost anything else in than anything else in the world I wish I could sing like Sarah McLachlan.

For now, I will settle for a blouse with a largely ruffled front, like Seinfeld's pirate shirt.
[From Style & Co., Charter Club, and Anne Klein respectively]


happy christmas

Yesterday I went out shopping for bras, boots, and doll house furniture. I was successful on the first two parts, and got a beautiful pair of short, fringed, tan suede boots from Aldo. Take a look at them here, although I like to think they're much nicer in person than in the photos. They have so many beautiful boots there, it was hard to choose! I ended up getting these though, and I am content with my decision. And, let it be said, cheap doll house furniture is difficult to come by!


witch way out

On Thursday night I went to see Great Big Sea, and they were amazing! I've grown up on their music, much like Sam Roberts, and it was spectacular to hear the songs I know and love in person. Their spirit was so vibrant, and it was nice to see musicians who don't take themselves too seriously, but were spreading a positive and uplifting message. And it was just so much fun! I love the East coast feel, and I really want to visit Newfoundland again now that I'm older. Just having a good time, and enjoying the people you're with! I can't think of anything better.

Then tonight I went out to see The Changeling with Angelina Jolie and directed by Clint Eastwood - it was amazing! It was startling to see the police corruption in the LAPD in the
twenties, and Angelina Jolie gave a stunning performance. It raised a lot of questions and was very graphic, and it did not leave anyone feeling satisfied - which was good! I definitely recommend it for everybody to see. The sets and costumes were amazing too, and Angelina Jolie was gorgeous, of course.


love actually

Drinking apple cider and watching Love Actually - it always pulls at my heart strings, and of course does a lovely job of making me feel both loved and lonely! Here are some stills from one of my all-time favourite movies.

The proposal

The confession - one of the saddest parts

It just gets me jumping all over with the Christmas spirit! I hope you can all share that with someone you love.


santa baby

Given Katrina at small souvenirs' recent post on the movie Funny Face, I have felt the utmost of Audrey Hepburn moods come over me, and my isn't it lovely! It certainly brought me back to the time I borrow the book What Would Audrey Do? from Chapters, which was an absolutely amazing read, and one I must invest in someday. You should all go out and read it! Here are some of my favourite Audrey photos I've collected over the years.

7 random things

Today in her blog "Creature Comforts," Ez wrote 7 random things about herself. The very last one was one which I share greatly in common with her, which is crying a lot. Not just necessarily at sad things, but at true happiness and beauty as well. She then went on to share this quote from American Beauty:

"Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world I feel like I can't take it, like my heart's going to cave in."

I still haven't seen American Beauty, but that line hit me so hard - how often this happens to me. Not to get too touchy feely on you, but sometimes when I'm alone and I've just seen something particularly innocent, innovative, beautiful, or observant, I can cry for hours. This line is so stunningly perfect, I felt the need to share it. Now, please don't find me a highly irrational person because of this - it's just a little piece of myself I can never sum up in words. Thank you Ez!


I'm laying down with the sunlight shining on me, watching Elf and the snow falling outside, and I'm eating a piece of gingerbread loaf with a warm cup of chamomille tea. If only all sick days could be like this, only a little less... sick!


thin ice

So today was the first day I truly felt as though the Christmas season had started. The first snowfall just fell, and I actually had to walk through a pile on the way to my front door! It was absolutely beautiful, because everything was covered in a pristine, white blanket.
Today was also the last day of Waterloo Unlimited, an enrichment program I went to two years ago and then finally again this year. It was absolutely spectacular, and I love seeing all of the people and getting to know them. It's an amazing break from the stresses and people of the normal world to be able to see like minded people without any drama or worries! I love being able to learn maths, sciences and arts from scholars without being tested and analyzed, and I got to know everybody much better than before, which is why I was disappointed it only lasted three days.

After saying final goodbyes, my mom and I went to Chapters to browse, buy Christmas presents, and sit down for a nice cup of coffee, which was really nice because I haven't seen her in a week. (By the way, I can hear the wind howling outside right now! Spectacular!) I miss working at Chapters so much... that store is the epitome of me. It's warm colours, warm environment, friendly people, beautiful books, and intellectually stimulating customers and merchandise. Right now the centre of the store is decorated with two huge Christmas trees, and all around there are scarves, wrapping paper, gift cards, and amazingly adorable and cozy holiday merchandise everywhere. Everybody greeted me so warmly and updated me on the latest happenings, and the entire store was abuzz with everything I love.

Anyways, with the first whiff of the Christmas season comes my first viewing of The Family Stone - my absolutely favourite holiday movie. It includes everything I love as well. This is truly my favourite holiday, and even the usual stress of my life feels minor with rosy cheeks and Christmas love and coziness! Here are some screen shots:

Aren't the patterns and prints amazing? I adore it. I'll also watch Home for the Holidays, which is a jaded, sarcastic, chaotic, but warm and charming American Thanksgiving movie from the nineties, which I still associate with Christmas - and it stars Holly Hunter and Robert Downey Jr.!
I highly recommend seeing both of them, they are two of my favourite movies of all time.


welcome, traveler

I am so excited for two movies.

Elvis & Anabelle, which seems to have a Pushing Daisies-esque plot, but with a darker edge.

2. 500 Days of Summer with Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt... they are two of my very favourites, and with this being described as an off-beat romantic comedy, there's no going wrong.


the band episode

Today was absolutely spectacular! First, I received my Toast catalogue in the mail, which is stunning and everything I hoped it would be. It's like the most amazing magazine - for free!

Then tonight I went to see the Sam Roberts Band, which was hands down the best concert I have ever been to. I had absolutely amazing seats, smack dab in the middle, with a wide open view of Sam. The charisma he held on stage and the pure talent of each of the instrumentalists was outstanding, and the flow of the show from song to song was pure perfection. I am unable to describe the energy they gave and in turn received from the audience, it was spectacular. In addition, Sam Roberts is a very nice guy. At the end of the concert he took the time to shake the hands of each audience member in the front row and ask their names and introduce himself. I hope people begin to realize how truly amazing their music is, because they deserve it!
When I was 11, I bought my first CD which was Big Shiny Tunes 7. On it was a song that truly struck a chord with me, Sam Roberts' socially conscious Brother Down. I enjoyed its questioning of how to go about living your life and treating the world, and I have been thinking with that state of mind since. Here are the lyrics:

One life to live but we’re doing it wrong you see
Got my brother down ‘cause it’s nothing to me
Everyone’s saying that it’s wrong to cheat
But there’s no other way to get my life on easy street
Someone else telling you what you’re living for
Been knocking you down now you’re looking for more
The only sound you hear is a closing door
Been looking for peace but they’re bringing you war
Rich man crying ‘cause his money is time
Poor man smiling ‘cause he knows he ain’t blind
There’s a man over there says he’s tougher than me
But I got eyes that can see through fantasy
I think my life is passing me by
I think my life is passing me by
Take It all back ‘cause it don’t mean nothing
If you give it away and you’re looking for something back
Wake up every morning and there’s nothing there
No reason to die but no reason to care
Someone else telling you what your living for
Been knocking you down now your looking for more
The only sound you hear is a closing door
Been looking for peace but their bringing you war
One life to live but we're doing it wrong you see
Got my brother down cause its nothing to me
Rich man crying crying cause his money is time
Poor man smiling cause he knows he aint blind
I think my life is passing me byI think my life is passing me by
One life to live but we’re doing it wrong you see



life during wartime

I am just sitting here swelling with pride to be a part of such a historical moment.

there might be blood

I would like to make announcement. Barack Obama is the new President of the United States and the first black president in the history of the country. The time for change is now.

(Fun fact: My favourite number is 4, and Obama has just been elected the 44th president)

a doll's story

Here are a ridiculous amount of some more amazing photos of Obama I've been collecting, and while you're at it check out the Obama Art Report, an amazing blog highlighting artists who support Barack Obama. The work is truly extraordinary! At the moment Obama has 207 electoral votes AND the popular vote, and looks well posed to become the next President of the United States. A lot of these photos are from an amazing photo essay that was in Time magazine by photographer Callie Shell.