the halloween scene

Halloween was good, but not great. However, this morning Kylie, Emma, Sarah and I went to Angels Diner for a giant breakfast, which was amazing! I also got an interview with the Bay tomorrow, so hopefully that will go as well as I want it to. I spent my time doing my makeup and hair while watching all of the Sabrina the Teenage Witch Halloween specials, which was actually great. Hands down the favourite costume I saw was my friend Ian's, whose Halloween party we went to. He created a Megatron costume entirely out of cardboard boxes, which he then painted. It was surprisingly intricate and well crafted, and we were all deeply impressed! (Below is a very poor quality photo of his costume, hopefully a better one will emerge in the next few days.)

Now I am already starting my Christmas list. Expect that later! The Christmas season is my favourite, and I absolutely adore buying and wrapping presents, so I am very much excited about the upcoming season. However, even amongst the oozing love I'll feel for everyone around me, the cheesey Christmas moments, the warm drinks, and everything else I love about Christmas, it's also a time when I'll feel a little lonely. However, I won't get preemptive about this! For now it is just time for cheer, and I have an amazing new roll of wrapping paper from Ikea, which is white with a black paisley pattern on it. If anybody knows of an amazing gift wrap company OR somebody who brings gift wrapping as a new art form, please let me know!

[Photo from ielle on Flickr]

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