witch way out

On Thursday night I went to see Great Big Sea, and they were amazing! I've grown up on their music, much like Sam Roberts, and it was spectacular to hear the songs I know and love in person. Their spirit was so vibrant, and it was nice to see musicians who don't take themselves too seriously, but were spreading a positive and uplifting message. And it was just so much fun! I love the East coast feel, and I really want to visit Newfoundland again now that I'm older. Just having a good time, and enjoying the people you're with! I can't think of anything better.

Then tonight I went out to see The Changeling with Angelina Jolie and directed by Clint Eastwood - it was amazing! It was startling to see the police corruption in the LAPD in the
twenties, and Angelina Jolie gave a stunning performance. It raised a lot of questions and was very graphic, and it did not leave anyone feeling satisfied - which was good! I definitely recommend it for everybody to see. The sets and costumes were amazing too, and Angelina Jolie was gorgeous, of course.


K and/or K said...

I loved the Changeling. Those clothes...beautiful. And the red lipstick? I bought some. I'm such a sucker.

Anna said...

Spectacular! I wish I could pull that off. :)