thin ice

So today was the first day I truly felt as though the Christmas season had started. The first snowfall just fell, and I actually had to walk through a pile on the way to my front door! It was absolutely beautiful, because everything was covered in a pristine, white blanket.
Today was also the last day of Waterloo Unlimited, an enrichment program I went to two years ago and then finally again this year. It was absolutely spectacular, and I love seeing all of the people and getting to know them. It's an amazing break from the stresses and people of the normal world to be able to see like minded people without any drama or worries! I love being able to learn maths, sciences and arts from scholars without being tested and analyzed, and I got to know everybody much better than before, which is why I was disappointed it only lasted three days.

After saying final goodbyes, my mom and I went to Chapters to browse, buy Christmas presents, and sit down for a nice cup of coffee, which was really nice because I haven't seen her in a week. (By the way, I can hear the wind howling outside right now! Spectacular!) I miss working at Chapters so much... that store is the epitome of me. It's warm colours, warm environment, friendly people, beautiful books, and intellectually stimulating customers and merchandise. Right now the centre of the store is decorated with two huge Christmas trees, and all around there are scarves, wrapping paper, gift cards, and amazingly adorable and cozy holiday merchandise everywhere. Everybody greeted me so warmly and updated me on the latest happenings, and the entire store was abuzz with everything I love.

Anyways, with the first whiff of the Christmas season comes my first viewing of The Family Stone - my absolutely favourite holiday movie. It includes everything I love as well. This is truly my favourite holiday, and even the usual stress of my life feels minor with rosy cheeks and Christmas love and coziness! Here are some screen shots:

Aren't the patterns and prints amazing? I adore it. I'll also watch Home for the Holidays, which is a jaded, sarcastic, chaotic, but warm and charming American Thanksgiving movie from the nineties, which I still associate with Christmas - and it stars Holly Hunter and Robert Downey Jr.!
I highly recommend seeing both of them, they are two of my favourite movies of all time.


katrina said...

oh my gosh! i love the family stone.
i watch it non-stop around this time of year because i love the christmas feeling it has :) i wish i could have that feeling all year round. i get depressed once the holidays end!
i've never seen home for the holidays, but i don't really like holly hunter. i loveeee robert downey jr. though! i'll add it to my netflix queue.

Anna said...

Fair enough, but you should definitely check out Home for the Holidays even if you don't like Holly Hunter. :) It's got family chaos down!
And I get depressed after the holidays, too! I really wish we could feel this all year around too. :) They should have a holiday like this for every season!

Sarah said...

FAVORITE movie ever.
i plan on paining emerson with too many christmas-esque movies.