the one with the football

I've been thinking a lot about eating healthy again and going back to the gym after Thanksgiving, when I'm back. I've gained an inordinate amount of weight thanks to a magic card for the caf and their selection of delicious candies and chocolate.
I've also been thinking of who a good role model for weight loss would be. I was considering Scarlett Johansson because she's curvy but fit.

Then I realized I've never been a thin person, and as curvy as Scarlett is, she's very thin. Therefore, I decided a better role model for me would be Kelly Osbourne, who has, at her worst, been quite large, and who has recently gotten fit for Dancing with the Stars. As fit as she is, she still has a body which I believe is attainable for me (and she looks fantastic with it!) Plus, she's short like me, too.

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