Cosmopolitan has done the most amazing photo shoot of work wear. The look they're going for is a sort of authoritative Oxford-chic, but very delicate, intricate and pretty. Very chic. It's the sort of style I would love to have, but I know that a lot of simple pieces or turtle necks don't suit my figure very well.

I'm actually on a mission to get healthy and finally lose the extra weight I've been carrying around, and my love of clothes is a big inspiration for me. I'd love to be able to wear whatever clothing I want instead of having to choose it specifically to fit my figure. (We're talking healthy... Not model-skinny. I'm very realistic about my expectations.)

Anyways, out of all of the magazines from this month, this photo shoot was my favourite... And I read some great ones, which I will post about later. (Namely, InStyle, which always does an amazing job, and Glamour, which has been doing great in the past few months.)

Oh, and did I mention it guest stars Justin Long? Spectacular.

PS: I love that the model is a redhead, and her shade is pretty much what I'm slowly attempting to get my hair like.

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Madeline P said...

Oooohh this is fabulous! Thanks for sharing.