I have determined that Lula is essentially the most amazing magazing of all time. Hailing from the UK, it comes out only twice a year, but its sheer beauty makes my heart full! Here's the description they give of themselves:

"LULA is created for the real girls of the world who love fashion, music, art, & make believe. LULA is gentle, whimsical and ethereal in tone,mixing high fashion to fall in love with and interviews that feel likelate night chats with people you wish you knew. International stylists, photographers, musicians, artists, illustrators and journalists work towards creating a gorgeous magazine that is not only a forum for beautiful work and fresh ideas, but that reads like the honest, funny,and aspirational best friend you dream of."

Essentially, it is the magazine of my dreams. The latest issue, issue 6, is the best as of yet, but as it is still on stands, photos are not available on the website. Here are some other photos I love:

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