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Welcome October! And with it, amazing clothing, and brand new style motivation. In the last couple months I have been feeling less than inspired in regards to my wardrobe, but a sick day spent on Fred Flare and other websites I have just discovered have made for a whole new kitschy and eclectic outlook! So prepare yourself for a long but very cutesy blog.

I love, love, love this time of year. :)

Firstly, the soundtrack to this excursion. The new Jenny Lewis album! Absolutely spectacular and enthralling, so take a gander and follow my footsteps.

Now, I opened one of my regular Fred Flare emails, and I decided to do a full over scout of the site to create a wish list (please feel free to check it out
here). I am loving their stuff more than ever! And being an avid fan of Nancy Drew, I was more than excited to note Nancy Drew's Guide to Life, the Nancy Drew Cookbook, and the Nancy Drew Handbook. These just reminded me of the wallet I found in the Distillery District of Toronto that was made out of an old Sweet Valley High book cover! What a find, what a loss. There were also a number of long gold necklaces (which I love) with a variety of different things on them... I've had an acorn, a variety of pendants, and a birdcage so far. However today I found a photo album locket, a watch locket, an elephant, an antique skeleton key, a boom box, and a harmonica. Amazing! I also found the most disgustingly cute accessories in the world. These include (but trust me, are not exclusive to) a cupcake beanie (see below), a Charlie Brown scarf, a buttered toast wallet (which does literally look like a piece of buttered toast), peanut butter and jelly earrings, a french fry coin purse, and a brooch that says "LIBRARIAN." (see below) My very favourite things in the world, however, were the WeSC colorblock sitar headphones (see below!!!) They are the headphones of myth. And, once again, you can check all of these out at my wish list.

The WeSC Colorblock Sitar Headphones ^ The Cupcake Beanie ^ The Librarian Brooch ^

This, of course, then brought me to super good clothing, a website full of adorable t-shirts with cutesy characters on the fronts, such as ice cream cones and televisions.

This one is just too fucking cute. This is one of the super good! mascots. This is the description that goes with him:
Is he a cloud? Perhaps a piece of popcorn? A glob of cottage cheese? Your mom? The choice is yours, my friend.

This little fellow is the first [of many] mascots for super good! He'd like being your friend very much. He'd also like to borrow your lawnmower and a gallon of milk. Don't ask him what he plans to do with them.

Too cute. Then I went to Bonbi Forest, which has vintage and indie apparel galore, including a plethora of charm necklaces amazing felt pins and brooches. They bring me back to my Wilderness Creature Badge I had from the winter Stitch and Kitsch last year, and then promptly lost in March. Saddest day of my life! Here are a few examples:
"hello!" speech bubble pins ^
Cupcake pins ^

Bird charm necklace ^

The necklace says "ARG!" There's also one that says "GRR!"

Alright, there are only two left, don't worry about it. This next one is a little Singapore website called Little Odd Forest, which is full of self-described "forest inspired oddities for all humankind."

Cheeky Monster Takeaway Pouches^

Rainbow Wonderland Tote ^

A Little Bird Pin^ (with a little bird scarf!)

Finally, and potentially one of my favourites with independent living rearing its head in my future, is a little mom and pop shop with tons of kitschy and vintage home accessories called Three Potato Four. Here are some of my favourites:

These were a series of plates with city skylines ^

This is my favourite thing in the world. I would die to own this, which would potentially beat the purpose behind it. It's a sky blue, refurbished antique type writer. ^

This is a pile of vintage paper - vintage postards and gift tags, stamps and note paper. ^
Alright, that's it for today. Hopefully tomorrow I won't be sick, although I was able to watch Ferris Bueller twice. Ciao for now!

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I love this. Fred Flare used to be my addiction!