bad habits

What a rip roarin but thoroughly enjoyable weekend! Friday night we went to Trepid House and saw Forest City Lovers, Fall Horsie, and Stacy Lloyd Brown, who were all absolutely spectacular. Ridiculous amounts of people were there including Sarah, Emma, Michel, Clayton, Ian, Callum, Emerson, Josh, Lee, Riley, Jasmine, Chris, Mellissa, Grace, Jennie, Jonah, Leyla, Martin, Kat, Christina, Lina, Anthony, and more. I don't go out as often as I used to, so I decided I would play dress up, so I threw on my pink sparkly prom dress over an Elton John concert t-shirt and brown knit tights with a triple layered pearl necklace and the floral crown I got at the Royal Medieval Faire on Emma's birthday. I received many compliments, but it mostly felt good to feel little and pretty again. It was Oktoberfest, and Emma, Martin and I bused downtown to go back to our respective houses (I went home with Emma). There were loud, drunk punks singing "We hate Oktoberfest hats!" and Martin decided to join in, and hoards of people climbed on the bus in lederhosen. We went to Pizza Pizza at 2 am for munchies, and there were loads of crazies and a girl in the tiniest ledherson I had ever seen. Splendid! Emma and I went back to her place, and I fell asleep while Emma was making quips about a Madonna video from the 90's.

The next morning, Emma and I woke up and bused to Booster Juice and the store on University Avenue simply titled, "HALLOWEEN." Neither of us had showered, and I had slept in my clothes, so we very much had the morning after look, and I was still wearing a sequined pink dress - obviously slept in, and strap broken. We got limited time pomegranate Booster Juice, which was absolutely delicious, and then checked out the store which was packed chock full of everything Halloween, like a warehouse. I then went out to Len's Mills and picked up a few yards of fabric for my Medusa costume, as well as a gold snake arm cuff. I also picked up these adorable black, pointy toed shoes from the new and improved Bay, with a big bow on the front of each. I immediately drove up to New Hamburg to visit Kylie and see her new house, which is right beside this lot of trees which are up on a steep hill overlooking a stream and a seemingly endless corn field. The sun was setting, and the brook was twinkling, the leaves were fall colours, and it was absolutely stunning.

Then today I woke up exhausted, missed meeting my friend Bemnet for Starbucks, and ended up organizing for the majority of the day. We'll see what the week ahead holds! I cannot wait. I will post a picture of my new shoes soon. Onto watching Dirty Sexy Money!


callum said...

There's an article about Fall Horsie in this months ECHO. Just in case you were interested.

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