brilliant mistake

I went to school for morning today, and I was able to see my friends which was amazing, I've been getting lonely. I had to come home for the afternoon, though, because the morning was too much! I opened up, of course, the ever trusty Fred Flare to see this lovely message with adorable acorns:

That pretty much made my day. And for some reason art class today reminded me of one of my favourite artists - Edward Gorey! So this blog will mainly be about him.

Edward Gorey is an author and illustrator known mainly for his pen and ink macabre drawings and pictures. My favourite book of his is one of my favourite books of all time: 1957's The Doubtful Guest. It pretty much follows a strange and endearing creature as it enters a family's home and proceeds to do peculiar things such as standing with its nose to the wall, eating plates, tearing out entire chapters from books, hiding all the towels from the bath, and sleepwalking, and does not go away for 17 years.

My favourite page goes: "It betrayed a great liking for peering up flues, And for peeling the soles of its white canvas shoes." Yes, the anonymous thing wears a striped scarf and white Converses. My fashion idol.

Definitely check out his
Amphigorey, named for its nonsensical writings. It's a collection of some of his best and most randomly spectacular pieces and bits, and I highly recommend it. :)

While you're waiting, however, enjoy this picture of one of my best friends Stas. Yes, he is naked with a guitar.

Oh, and PS: There are only 50 of those cupcake beanies left, and I would kill for one.

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Sarah said...

only fifty?!
i want one for christmas.
holy shit.
i gotta get going on that, and order one NOW!