dreaming of you

I believe it is time for some recap on the last few days. My weekend was pretty fantastic, full of autumn joy. Emma, Sarah and I went to Kylie's for a goodbye to the basement party, and we had a great time but it was really sad. We had a lot of great times in that house.

Then last night, Maya and Suzie came over for dinner. We bonded a lot, which was nice, and we all share a ferocious love of reading. We had homemade burgers (from scratch), and barbecued squash. Then, for dessert we had apple fritters made with apples picked from my own tree in the back yard, and homemade pumpkin fudge. A good night was had, but I stressed over money troubles all night and couldn't fall asleep until 5 am in the end - not a good thing. So at the moment I am running on pure adrenaline, I was a bit out of sorts and kooky for the duration of the day.

Tomorrow Kylie moves, and in the evening
Emma and I are going to head over to New Hamburg and visit her new place. I'm looking forward to it, but it will definitely be a sad time.

To cheer things up though, check out one of my favourite songs of all time, Dreaming of You by The Coral (circa 2002).


Mii said...


I love you also.


yay for bonding over a ferocious love of reading.

and we need to talk about this monday drama stuff. not sleeping = no good, trust me, I knows it.

Sarah said...

Fuck you for that picture.
Fuck you.