bubble toes

I finally saw Twilight. Personally, I loved it. I thought Edward was played very awkward and flawed, yet still seamlessly graceful. Extremely well done, I fell in love. I also loved the very last scene at the prom, and the music they used and the lights on the gazebo - it's just stunning! Enough about that, however, I don't want to gush too much about Twilight. Here's a still of the prom scene - I just love the lights and the ambiance, it's spectacular. I have now seen the movie four times since.

The reason I got to see Twilight was because I went to Ottawa to visit and stay with friends (particularly Stas, of naked-with-guitar fame). It was also my friend Kasia's 19th birthday, so we all went out for beer and a movie. I got to meet a plethora of amazing people, and I checked out the University of Ottawa as well as Carleton, and let me say, Ottawa is a spectacularly beautiful city at Christmas time. Tiny lights line the streets everywhere, snowflakes are shone onto the face of the parliament buildings, tiny market stalls cover the pavement, and there are Christmas tree lots in the heart of downtown! Soon, the canal will be frozen over, and people will be able to tie up their skates and head out, grabbing a beaver tail in one of the stalls built into the walls on the way. I still have my heart set on Toronto, but I may just have to make a tradition of heading up to Ottawa every winter. I hope I can return in early February for Winterlude!

While there, I also picked up my first Benefit cosmetics purchase - I've always love Benefit. I bought their rosy lip and cheek tint, and it is marvelous. I like the way the warmer colour looks against my white, white pale skin (it makes me look like one of the living), and it's especially nice for the holidays. It reminds me of the plum-toned holiday looks Carmindy creates, like the one below. There's a really beautiful one in her 5 Minute Face book, but I will have to scan that so it'll be added later.

Today I went to the City Cafe Bakery for the first time as well, with Kylie and Emma. It was utterly spectacular - an eclectic and warm atmosphere, and delicious food! On her way out, the woman behind us wished us a very merry Christmas, which just made me feel good all the way up from my toes. What an amazing season!

Finally, there is the cutest black dress I want to get from the Bay for the holiday season, but we'll see if I have the funds. I am already envisioning myself in it in various situations, however, so I may as well have already bought it. I've got a large amount of Christmas baking to do over the weekend, and then tiny gift bags to make for friends and family alike. I hope you're all enjoying this season, I know I'm as busy as ever, but trying to enjoy it all the same! I have many parties, celebrations, and dinners to look forward to, and I hope you do too. Less than two weeks until Christmas!


katrina said...

i have been wanting to buy the benetint.
do you have pictures of yourself with it on?

Anna said...

I will after tonight!
Dinner party at a friend's