the roundup

Here are some things I really love right now.

Dinner parties - I'm going to a special one tonight [photo from 1968's The Party]

Very poofy tulle - see prom post [From Lobster and Swan]

Little, warm white lights - my latest art project is based around this concept [From (top to bottom) Lobster and Swan, 2005's A Lot Like Love, Van Gogh, Le Love, and 2008's Twilight]

Plaid flannel - I wear far too much of it and must be stopped [All from Lookbook except the last, of my friend Emma]

Bows - A lot of people hate bows, especially large bows on dresses, but I adore them [From top:
Lookbook, Nordstorm, and Smitten]

Holiday finery - My friend Ali bought a shiny, red, floor-length dress from Courage My Love in Toronto for $15, shortened it, made it strapless, and gave it a bubble hem, and I can't wait to see it [From top: Lookbook, BCBC Max Azaria, and Banana Republic]

The little black dress - I own at least ten of these, and can't stop. My dress for tonight is a new Lori M. number in simple black cotton [From top: Both BCBG Max Azaria, Unknown, and Little Black Dress Shop]

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