tippecanoe and taylor, too

Today was my annual gift exchange with my best friend of 13 years, Jennie, and it was great to see her again. I got her a book of art by film directors, Goodnight Bush (a parody of Goodnight Moon), a foam fruitcake and a book of its uses, a straw fedora/farmer/cowboy hat from Courage My Love in Toronto, and A Year of Living Biblically. She got me amazing soap made locally, a pin spun from yarn and wooden beads by our friend Grace, a pin made from a branch with a Dr. Suess character on the front (also made by our friend Grace - she's quite the artist), a pop eye pin, and a beautiful copper chain necklace with an open arc hanging from the bottom. And she says she's in the process of making a headband as well! Clearly our gifts had themes, and I hope she enjoys hers as much as I enjoy mine!
[Photo taken by me at the tea party hosted by Sarah this August]

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