there ain't no better reason to rid yourself of vanity and just go with the season

Today was another difficult one. I feel like I'm supposed to have all sorts of responsibilities, which I'm excited about, but I'm not actually doing anything. As student body president, I am mainly delegating and talking a lot, and I'm not allowed to actually do anything. In Managing Editors, I was excited to gain some journalistic control over the newspaper and yearbook, but although I am technically an editor, Adam and Joanne are the main people in charge of the newspaper, and Dan is the main person in charge of the yearbook, which leaves me floundering. Then, a representative from the Record came, and talked about the youth advisory board and the new newspaper they're creating targeted at teens. This got me very excited, as I want to go into English, and I found out that Dan and Adam have been working on it since last year. I said I wanted to apply for the Catch 21 position available at our school, and Dan said the chances of that happening are slim, given his experience and the fact that he's a guy (which they need more of, because it's a vast majority of girls). I just feel as though I am not being taken seriously, and that I haven't had the chance to prove myself and learn about opportunities like this because this is only the beginning of my second year at the school. I guess I also feel like everybody else is given jobs which I would love to do and would be able to do well, but nobody thinks of me. The student activities director is also not listening to what I say as both student body president and a member of the prom commitee. I just feel a little stepped on, and as though I'm not being taken seriously.

On the bright side, Emma lent me her mustard yellow knit cardigan from King of Kensington in Toronto today, and I like it a lot. I wore it with my highwaisted patchwork skirt (with patches of Che, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and vespas), and a white wifebeater tucked in, with my gold chain and gold birdcage necklace. Emma and I also wore our matching floral crowns from the Medieval Faire today, and we got a positive response.

Anyways, I'm off to study. More updates later.

Update: I'm back! I've been taking some down time, and cheered myself up. Tomorrow I decided I am going to have my classic five cheese dip and greek pitas! Delicious. That's what I need. :)