hex and the single guy

On Friday night, Lindsay had her 19th birthday party at Martini's downtown, which was incredible. During the day I had a leadership retreat, and after school Leyla interviewed Graham and I for the Edge, and I bused back to my house for 10 minutes, threw on some makeup, tights, and jewellery and tamed my hair, and attempted sprinting to the bus stop in my highest heels. I ended up running down the street with a shoe in each hand, gussied up, when all of a sudden I heard 'Your Body is a Wonderland' by John Mayer, except it wasn't him singing it. So I was sprinting and laughing at how ridiculous I looked when I heard where it was coming from and I turned and saw a gorgeous guy with brown tousled hair playing the guitar on his front porch, bein all "your skin like porcelain" as I ran past. It was amazing, and I will marry that man.

I met up with Claire, Connor, Evan and Lindsay, and they drove me the rest of the way to the restaurant. We got there and it was beautiful, with dim lighting and candlelight. Aaron, Kim, Daria, Ben, Nathan, Dustin, and Sarah also came after, and we had an amazing time. It was great to see Ben again since he's been at Brock in St. Catherine's, and the food was amazing. Later, we went back to Evan's and played Rock Band and drank red wine.

Kim and Daria ^

Ben and I ^

Then today, Emma, Maya and I went to the University fair in Toronto with my parents. We went to the Dumpling House in China Town, which was delicious (of course), and then to the Convention Centre. I am more excited than ever to go to U of T, but I'm concerned that they won't be able to see my extra-curriculars with my application. Emma ran out while I was in meetings and got her stunning headphones from Urban Outfitters (Limited Edition) -- the last pair! We were all exhausted, but we went out for dinner at Casa Rogantino's for Italian, and Emma and I had Caesar salad and lasagna, which was amazing. We had some great conversation, and then dropped her off at Trepid house for a 'Mixing Music and Politics' event. I came home and cozied up in my PJs - it was a great day. Tomorrow morning I go out for brunch at Rushes with my aunt and uncle. Here's a picture of Emma at the poultry level of the parking garage:

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