nothing to fear

I am done with physics forever! I feel great to have taken the course and done my best, even though it was a challenge - my mind doesn't work that way! I just ate sushi, and now I have a list of new things to do with my mind free.

-Read again. I used to read for hours every day, and I'm going into English! I miss the books.

-Learn Italian. My whole family is Italian! I would love to be able to speak with my Nonna in her language. Plus, I want to return to Italy again some day!

-Take care of myself. It's so much harder than it should be! This requires the time to be able to take care of myself, whether it's exercising, writing here, having a laugh, or just plain being high maintenance. If there's anything I've learned in the last five months, besides to importance of your closest friends and family, is the importance of taking care of yourself.

-Put in the effort! I will make the effort to be happier, kinder, more interested, and more knowledgeable. I will put the effort into how I look, what I do, and what I say.

Now it is off to Starbucks with my parents for a chat and scan of Chapters. When I get back, a Fred Flare roundup! I feel a little and a lot like Nancy Drew, lately.

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