nancy drew... reporter

I love Nancy Drew! I grew up reading the books, my mom and I play the computer games together religiously, and as we speak I am watching the 1930's film "Nancy Drew... Reporter." I don't think anyone's properly portrayed Nancy Drew in the media, though, although this one is pretty good. Especially not the latest one with Emma Roberts. Good grief.

Anyways, with this in mind, here are some items from Fred Flare, who also love Ms. Drew, which remind me of the teen sleuth.

Think of how it would move when she chased criminals!

A little reminder: catch the bad guy.

If Nancy Drew wore boots...

If this were a real album, it would have photos and newspaper clippings from all of her cases!

I imagine this satchel would carry all of her tools, like a finger print kit, a magnifying glass, and her notebook.

Oh, do I ever want this handbook. It has tips from Nancy Drew about everything from romance to sleuthing. The publishers say, "Soon you too will be tapping out Morse code with your high heels, using beauty aids to outsmart evildoers, and packing your pocketbook for every emergency. Girl Detectives need look no further to learn the life lessons of a super sleuth." Spectacular!

Although this is not technically Nancy Drew, it is an interactive Sherlock Holmes mystery which leads you through the clues using newspaper clippings and letters, with the solution in an envelope on the back. And after all, Sherlock Holmes is certainly her predecessor, 50 years before she was created.

Again, although she's no library, I can certainly see Nancy sporting one of these as a disguise. No one would recognize her!

This skeleton key reminds me of something she would discover in an old drawer, and would lead her through secret rooms and tunnels.

This cookbook even has Bess' recipe for chocolate waffles.

"From the Private Library of Nancy Drew" has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Another book inspired by Ms. Drew, this book is filled with tips, sound advice, and cover artwork from the books.

This cardigan is the epitome of something Nancy Drew would wear, especially with the little ruffle detailing.


anabela said...

Very cute collection! I love that knot ring -- my friend Ben bought it to give his fiance as an engagement ring!

Anna said...

What a cute idea! Very romantic.

katrina said...

this is a fantastic post :)