A lot of the time my friends are too spectacular for their own good, and I want to create a magazine and fill the pages with just them. Since I can't do that, I am putting them here, because they are way too fabulous. I've decided to do some posts, each about a specific person.

Today, it is Emma. She is one of my very best friends, and I tell her everything, even if I start sounding crabby. We've plans to apartment share together in Toronto and we got married in a ceremony about a year ago. We threw an anniversary party, and I love her to death. She is super fabulous and she doesn't know it, and is ridiculously knowledgeable about films and other things I've never heard of. Plus, we laugh a lot, and make fun of ourselves and everything else. That is why she's my wife. We plan on renewing our nuptials in another wedding extravaganza this November.

Taking photos on the rooftop of an NDP building in Kitchener.

Drinking too much wine with me at Jesse's art show in St. Catherines.

Spinnin' the nonexistent records in Kylie's basement.

As my date and one of the only other guests to Dan's birthday party.

In Pizza Pizza last New Years, trying to call a cab in the snow storm after we missed the countdown.

Also at New Years, but earlier in the evening at Denny's.

On the night we got married at The Gig.

In the summer with Ali.

In Waterloo Park in the summer with Sarah.

At the Gay Pride Parade in Toronto.

With Kylie.

In Toronto with Kylie.

In Waterloo Park with Dan.

In the sketchy basement of the NDP building in Kitchener.

On the roof of the parking garage Uptown during Buskers.

On GRT with Kylie and I in the summer.

On her birthday at the train station.

In the summer.

The New Years with me.

As my date to Leyla's dinner party.

With Kylie.

At Sarah's garden tea party this summer.

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