my wise words

Today some of the ladies and I went shopping in the Eatons Center. I didn't get much because I'm officially a poor student, but I have a couple future purchases in mind and I got some great things!

We went to Spring and everything was fabulous. However, their sales rack was especially amazing, and everything on sale was an additional 50% off! So I got this fantastic gold necklace...

And while there, I saw some very adorable and beautiful shoes, although I can't and may never be able to afford them (they're not even very expensive, I'm just cheap). I love these shoes!

I also liked these ones a lot, and I had seen them and liked them before I saw them in person too...

The first store we went to was Bath and Body Works, though. Ashley had told me that there was a pumpkin candle I would love (seeing as how I'm obsessed with pumpkin anything), and she was right! It has the most amazing smell, and should make my dorm room smell delicious.

And I've also been craving a pumpkin-scented perfume for a very, very long time. When I saw this room scent, I decided I was going to become weird and start wearing it as a perfume, so I bought it too! Spectacular.

Finally, in H&M I found a beautiful, soft, knit scarf, but I didn't have the money to buy it, although it was affordable. When October hits, it will be mine! It's a soft pink colour, the shade of Drew's dress that I've been obsessed with, and it actually made my skin look lovely, rosy and soft - a rarity!


katrina said...

oh! does it work as a perfume, have you tried it yet?

Anna said...

Yes, it works amazingly! Because of what it actually is, it lasts longer than perfume, too! And the smell is warm and fantastic.