the un-graduate

I found out I got into U of T yesterday! This is potentially the best news I've ever gotten. I'm going to be living in University College, and I have already contacted all of the campus newspapers expressing my interest in writing. I've also been looking into courses and clubs - they have an Adventure Club I'm dying to check out!

Also, the 2009 Ont
ario Parks Guide is finally online, so I have a good copy of the photo of Jasmine and I from last August! Here it is:

Lately I've als
o been feeling very stuck. I don't know whether I'm just ready to get out there, and have one foot out of the door, or what. Jasmine and I are starting yoga classes in a couple of weeks, which is nice, but I'm aching for the experience of another camping trip. Early this July I'm going for a camping trip with three generations of women, two from each (young adults, in their twenties, and in their thirties) including Jasmine and her mom. I'm itching and I'm looking into working in Banff next summer already, and looking into everything for moving to Toronto. I just feel like it's time to explore.

On the other hand,
I have a bunch of new loot. My eighteenth birthday was a week ago, I got back from France and Spain at the same time, and today I went to the One of a Kind show in Toronto, so I have bounty aplenty! One of my favourite things I bought from the show was a shirt by Yasmine Louis, who does textile printing. Her shirts have lines that have anecdotal backgrounds, but which ring loud and bluntly true for almost everybody. Mine says, "I didn't mean to say it out loud," a common problem for me.

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No matter what UofT says, you'll still be a poophead! I'm MATURE dammit!!!

Congrats XD